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Every year, the annual costs to host the competition include:


  • venue permit | $300

  • venue insurance & attendee personal injury insurance | $250

  • rental truck/van, gas, vehicle insurance, overnight parking (3 days) | $350

  • portable restrooms and sanitation | $250

  • pre-event overnight security | $200

  • competitor apparel & design revisions | $600

  • trophies, medals, & awards | $600

  • website maintenance | $150

  • videography & photography | $450

  • staff as needed (equipment movers and judges) | $300
    (We welcome volunteers who will donate their time free-of-charge, but have paid in past years as volunteers cancel on short notice.)

New costs for 2022 updates or replacements

  • electronics (outdoor generator, time clocks, extension cords, megaphone) | $220 (seeking a new large countdown clock)

  • competition equipment and heavy-duty construction tools | $200 (miscellaneous duct tape, ropes, cables, ties, paint, crafts...)

Total Estimated Costs for 2022 | $3870

The Pull Up Park Jam is a 501(c)(3) non-profit (EIN: 30-0745794).  For more than 20 years the event has run solely on the financial contribution of the competition host(s).   There have been a small few financial contributors for which we are eternally and extremely grateful.  Additionally, there are also a few notable in-kind donors that provide their time to store equipment, build and upgrade equipment, move and set-up equipment.  Without this ongoing equipment storage, the Chicago Pull Up Park Jam, the only annual calisthenics competition in Chicago, would not exist at all.  The entire Chicago calisthenics community owes this donor and all donors immense gratitude.

We welcome others to learn more about our operations and financial expenditures to determine if they'd like to contribute financially or in-kind to offset the ongoing event costs. 

Similarly, we understand the strongest athletes may not have the strongest income.  If your financial situation does not allow you to afford the competition entry fee, please contact Omari Jinaki directly at or @toro_calisthenics . The event is and always will be intended to make the highest level calisthenics competitions financially affordable and accessible to EVERYONE, regardless of their income level -- so there will never be an extremely high registration fee in Chicago.